The Earth is being invaded by aliens, who have one and only one intention: destroy the entire human race.
To accomplish their purpose the invaders have a sinister plan: they have infected a large number of earthlings with a virus
that slowly turned them into killer zombies. But what the aliens don’t know is that a wrestler, a gardener and a computer
nerd won’t let them manipulate their lives so easily.

Plaga Zombie was made by a young group of seventeen years old artists. They shot the movie using just one old
videohome camera and with a very low budget and little by little it became a cult classic. Plaga Zombie was also one of
the titles chosen for the seminar called “De Un Perro Andaluz a Plaga Zombie”, given by the journalist Diego Curubeto in
San Antonio de los Baños University, in Cuba. It was released in video and DVD in Spain and without making any kind
of investment, the film was outstandingly covered by the most important Argentinian newspapers such as LA NACIÓN,

Plaga Zombie is the first feature film about zombies that has been made in Argentina movie history. In 1999 the
movie was showed in several events and places like the comic convention FANTABAIRES, BUENOS AIRES SUPERNOVA,
Centro Cultural PUEYRREDÓN of Mar del Plata, Córdoba University and La Plata University. In 2000, it could be seen at
FANTABAIRES and the movie event called BUENOS AIRES ROJO SANGRE and in 2001, Plaga Zombie participated in several
festivals such as SITGES, TOLEDO and MOSTRA DE VALENCIA in Spain and SOBRAS FILM FESTIVAL of Chile.

Directed by Pablo Parés and Hernán Sáez
Cinematography by Pablo Parés and Hernán Sáez
Screenplay by Pablo Parés, Berta Muñiz and Hernán Sáez
Cast: Berta Muñiz (John West)
Pablo Parés (Bill Johnson)
Hernán Sáez (Max Giggs)
Walter Cornás (Mike Taylor)
Diego Parés (Willie Boxer)
Paulo Soria (Zombie)
Produced by Berta Muñiz, Hernán Sáez and Pablo Parés
Associated Producers: Walter Cornás and Paulo Soria
Edited by Hernán Sáez and Pablo Parés
Make Up and Special Effects by Walter Cornás and Pablo Parés
Sound: Pablo Parés, Berta Muñiz, Walter Cornás and Paulo Soria
Music by Pablo Vostrouski

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